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Bankruptcy Is It Good Or Bad?

Believe it or not Bankruptcy is one of IF NOT THE best way to get out of debt with little anxiety & still end up with Great Credit.

It's TRUE ... Most people do not know that once a bankruptcy is filed coming to a credit repair place like Credit Clean can clean up the mess. Raise credit scores to GOOD to GREAT averageds and can help savce tons of interest money once the work is finished! We have helped thousands of people clean up reports after bankruptcy and the credit scores go up to and even over 700 making them eligible for credit approval AND it's a whole fresh start on life... MORE ON THIS TOPIC


Credit, Why Do We Need It?


Credit is probably the only thing that we need in this country! MOSTLY BECAUSE EVERYTHING WE NEED DEPENDS ON OUR CREDIT. Why, because we are forced to be a nation that "Needs It Now". Most of us are not millionaires, we aren't even a half of a millionaire, in fact 75% of the country lives from hand to mouth every paycheck.  If we want the things that we are brought up thinking (but constantly knowing we can't live without) ... a car, a home... READ MORE ON THIS TOPIC


Are We Sure Where We Are Headed?

It's hard to understand as individuals how a whole country can be in debt..

...AND it isn't just little debt it's lots of debt. Yes it is sometimes a little difficult to understand how we as consumers get collection agencies and creditors calling us the minute we miss a payment on one of our credit items when the country is over five trillion dollars in debt.  How can the government and credit institutions get in to debt and nothing happen? Not only are we as individuals watching the big companies, banks and financial institution get enormous amounts of money from the government...  MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS


Credit Clean We Help Fix Bad Debts, Credit Reports, Bankruptcy

Since 1996 Credit Clean has helped thousands of people who have bad debts, bankruptcy and any credit problems what so ever

  • It is easy to start a program or service with Credit Clean. Just click any where that you see services or service catalog for all information about how we help you fix bad debts of any kind including bankruptcy cleanup.
  • Our website is still under construction but the most popular credit programs are up with information you need to understand what they are.  All work with credit repair and bankruptcy cleanup is done through email, the INTERNET, phone and fax. You get to watch the results while we "the credit repair company" do all the work.  There are a handful of things you must do to help us but all in all you are hiring us to be your assistant and to take care of all the stressful work of fixing your bad debts and cleaning up your credit reports.  The reason you would even want to do this is so you can save money, have higher credit scores and lower interest rates. This is more like and investment in your future than a job that helps you save money.
  • All the credit work we do is OLD SCHOOL, meaning it is not always best to be up to date with computers in this type of work. A real person deals with you and researches everything to set a good base to work from. As we all know the stronger a base is the better it will stand and in this case help us help you.  Anything on your credit reports can be fought if the rules of the Federal Trade Commission are used. From late payments, liens, judgments, foreclosure, repossession, collections and charge offs to full complete bankruptcy cleanup of bad debts.  This work is not the kind of work that should be done on a computer with a credit bureau, it should be done by a human (paralegal) and via mail that can be proven to have been sent. Credit bureaus give you three ways to challenge things on their websites, but there are MORE than three way to challenge accounts on a credit report so that cuts your odds down, this is why we do it the way we have been for the last 15 years, since 1996.  There are many..many reasons why an account can be challenged. The credit bureaus only want to give you three options online so we do all our work by mail after researching all the negative accounts on each credit report.  We just don't make this a credit repair mill you are treated as if your credit was our credit and we handle everything from start to finish with skill and professionalism along with confidentiality. Honesty is the way to win this battle so we find the honest way to help get rid of your bad debts making it good for you when it's all said and done to save money, get credit and have better credit scores!
  • It doesn't matter how a credit help service does the work if they are truly doing the work to make you happy.  Most companies do the work on the computers through the credit bureau dispute forms which NOT ONLY you could do yourself but leave little room for more than just quick challenges and quick work that may get a few bad things deleted but our goal is to get your credit to the highest scores possible.  In order to do this we MUST use our 15 years of experience and a lot of time behind the scenes to help you get to that point.
  • The idea of even using a company like ours to help you with your bad debt and bad credit is to get credit scores up so you can either get approved for a loan and save money doing it or get approved for a better interest rate!  The higher we get your credit scores the more money you save, the more money you save the better of an investment you have made in hiring us to do this work for you. There is a reason we have been in business for over 15 years with little to no advertising and that is referrals by past clients.  Everyone knows the best advertising there is comes from the mouth of someone you know who gives a company a good reference.  It's the same with any type of business, if the company does good work then they are going to get people to recommend them and that is our purpose here at Credit Clean.  On top of that we give back to our clients when they refer others who do need help instead of advertising on any of the media out there.  Except for listing not he search engines for free we put more in our customer service and give more back to our clients than we do to anyone or anything else.  There is a section on referrals and the way it works. You don't have to join anything just be a client so you know what we do and can give honest referrals.

Credit Repair Fixing Bad Debts Cleaning Up Bankruptcy ...

...are all reasons why a person would need or even want help with credit problems. What most people do not understand is that cleaning up credit reports is not something that you spend money on and lose, it's the opposite.  This is an investment in your future and there is very little chance of investing in a credit help service like ours and losing any money at all after everything is said and done.  People make more money in saving interest alone than all the money they could ever possibly pay for our service.  There are thousands and thousands of people paying high interest rates when they could save all that money wasted by simply cleaning up their credit reports.  Not only does this work pay you back but it makes you money loan after loan.  There are very few investments that give you this benefit!  The more negative debt we get removed or changed, the higher your credit scores go. Credit scores are the very essence of what your interest rate relies on. So in other words get a bad debt removed, get higher credit score for each one!  Get a bad debt changed to a better debt and get added credit scores.  Anything that is done to increase and improve your credit reports is going to improve your credit scores so our only goal and the only thing we do here is help people get better credit so they can have better credit scores for the end result of saving tons of money on interest for many years.  It's nice to be able to go in and apply for something you really need and get approved.  It feels awful when you apply for something and they DENY you the credit. It almost makes you feel less than a person since some of us have already been there too.  The worse thing is that people who have less than perfect credit and bad credit apply for credit twice as much as a person with good credit. This means that a person with good credit is only applying one time for the same thing a person with bad credit tries to get from many different companies... when you get denied at one place you think you can keep trying and get approved at another place when it's the worst thing you can do.  But hey, all you can do is keep trying right? ... Wrong, stop either hire someone to help you clean up your credit reports or sit down and figure out what you can do about it yourself. Some people have been able to do this work themselves but most do NOT have the time nor do they want to learn all the rules and regulations of the FDCPA, the FCRA etc.  All this applying and getting denied credit is hurting your scores too.  Inquiries hurt credit scores so a person with bad credit and bad debts ends, up if being approved at all, paying an interest rate that is three, four, five or more times higher than anyone else.  Most people cannot do this work themselves only because of the time it takes and the knowledge it takes to do the work. This is all Credit Clean does all day long and it's what our company is geared up to do day in and day out. Over the period of fifteen years we have become experts in the field and we are paralegals so we also know the legal ins and outs of the work.

Loyalty To Our Clients Is A Big Deal To Us


There are many exclusive things we offer to our clients

even after a client is finished with the work we do for them.  We always want to be there for you if you have problems down the road and we will always stand by you no matter what. We do not send you spam or try to pressure you into anything else in fact the only time we ever call a client before, during or after the work is if they call us or email OR it's about your credit work.  We keep all our records secure, our website is secure and your information is secure.  We are a small company but with expert and professional help while remembering your name. You get all the benefits of a large company without the loss of confidential professional credit repair help. We are family owned and family operated.  Yes, we have several clients and we keep in touch with all of them but we also want to make sure we can answer questions and give you educated information rather than guess.  We are also limited to the amount of clients we can have at one time so we make sure you get the attention you need. We are family owned and operated so you are the foundation of our business no matter how long you need our work or how much you pay for the service.  We feel the work we do for you will earn your trust, that the money you spend will be repaid to you in just interest rates you are able to obtain and at the same time we can operate a business and cover our expenses.  This is the perfect combination of a company helping a person and that person helping the company while both win. Nothing can be more of a symbiatic relationship that this.  This work is very tedious, time consuming and frustrating so it's not an easy job but when we have the power to change a persons life it means a lot to our employees and our company. We may be a little selfish in that we do get satisfaction for being paid doing a good job but also in seeing the results of a job that will help ONE person for a very long time. Credit Bureaus, creditors and collection agencies are not out to help you clean up your credit, we are sure you already know this by now. They will use everything they can to dissuade you from doing anything about your credit reports and the reasons are:

  • Collection agencies want to hold the debt over your head until you pay when you may not even owe the debt due to a law in the FCRA.  Even if you did do the right thing and "pay the debt" they will NOT remove it from your reports they only upgrade it to a new debt that now states paid and it still remains as a paid collection or paid charge off.  A paid collection or paid charge off is the same negative score as the unpaid ones so why even bother?  It's better to keep your money in your pocket. Sometimes paying a bad debt will actually make your credit score worse if you can believe that!  What happens is the last date of activity becomes new to the date you make a payment and that now takes another seven years to resolve.  Just because you pay it does not mean it's going to be deleted, it only means it's paid but you will still suffer the consequences of that account being paid late or charged off put in collections or whatever.
  • Credit Bureaus make more money from a bad credit report than a good one.  Above we told you that a person with bad credit would apply for credit many times more than a person with good credit and every time you apply for credit this makes the credit bureaus money.  Since there are millions of people in this country you can multiply those application times from about $10 to $50 a time we are coming to a very large amount of money paid to credit bureaus in just applications alone, figure it out, if a million people paid only $10 it's $10 million dollars.  The credit bureaus are billion dollar companies and they are not governmental nor congressional they are FOR PROFIT businesses just like any other business.  They are controlled by the Federal Trade Commission and there are rules and regulations that must be followed in what is call the Fair Credit Reporting Act. So you can understand why a debt that may be yours can actually be reporting in error when it violates one of those laws. It has to be deleted if it does violate the laws of the FCRA.
  • Creditors are also not on your side when it comes to bad credit. The whole credit system was set up to make it so that dead beats didn't go out and break down the credit system and unless you think you are a dead beat I am sure you did not wake up one day and say "Hey I think I will ruin my credit today".  Most people have serious problems that cause their credit to be the way it is ... loss of job, illness, death in the family ...and many other things happen to people for them to end up this way and we DO NOT believe that anyone should be punished for the next ten years for something they had no control over.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  Big banks can get millions given to them so they don't go under, yet a hard working consumer who has a bump in the road will get no help from the government but the option to file bankruptcy. It does not make any sense, the very people who's taxes are paying all these bail outs are the very people that are ignored when trouble befalls them or their family and friends. It's a two way street and our society is based entirely on credit. EVERYTHING we do, everything we want or need is based on our credit scores and in 98% of credit reports there are errors, sometimes enough of them to cost just one consumer thousands of dollars on a single loan.  It took a while for us to get to his place but we are a "I NEED IT NOW" society and sometimes you do need it now for a child's tuition or for a home or car loan.  You can even rent a car or get several types of jobs with bad credit or with credit that has mistakes. These credit bureaus actually hold our future in their repositories. They are FOR PROFIT businesses, they are not governmental or congressional, they are merely a company like any other for profit company yet they acan destroy a persons life in an instant. The make billions of dollars an most of the advertisement about NOT USING A CREDIT HELP SERVICE is paid for by your creditors and credit bureaus. Check out these adverts. We know in any business there are GOOD companies and BAD ones. Just Do your homework, it's as simple as that. For the most part we need everything now but you can't get it with bad credit or bad debts that need fixed.  You have the chance to change that but you must want it and you must be ready to do what little that is required of you to get it done the right way.  We do almost all the work for you but we have a few requirements that you must attend to as well.  They are not hard but they are important.  You can find those out in the service descriptions.
The Best Part Of Our Service Is You Can Live Anywhere And We Can Still Help You Fix Bad Debts on your credit reports. Credit Bureaus are supposed to be watched by the Federal Trade Commission which means it's federal law and federal law applies the same for each state.  Except for a few differences in State laws the entire process is the same throughout the united states along with Hawaii and Puerto Rico. So no matter where you live ... New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Texas, Montana, Washington State, California, in Florida, in Colorado, in Indiana, in Michigan, in Illinois, I Arkansas, in Louisiana, in new york, new jersey, Ohio, south Dakota, north Dakota, Idaho, Washington dc, Washington State, Texas, Virginia, west Virginia, north Carolina, south Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Pennsylvania, new Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Delaware, Wyoming, Utah, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Missouri, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Montana, Maine, Oregan, Nevada, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Alabama, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, military people with credit problems and are overseas can even get help so nothing can stop you from doing what you need to do to get back your credit status. We will help you fix your bad debts or bankruptcy problems. Anything negative on a credit report has a chance of being changed our job is to get them all changed if at all possible. If there is a way to do it we can and we will. You are in control of the whole time limit you spend with us as we are your assistant and we will do what we can do help you any way possible. Ultimately it is up to you how much time you want to spend getting help or how high you want your credit scores to get. Credit Clean does not hold a contract over your head, we agree to agree, so we agree to do specific things while you agree to do what we need you to do to help us and then when you feel you have been helped enough you can let us know and you can go. There is no reason to have a contract for this type of work since no one knows exactly how long it will take to do the work. Just don't put fast, easy and credit repair in the same sentence.  It is not fast, it is not easy and it is a lot of stressful research work to get you to the point of changing your scores. Relax ... let us do the work and do those small things we need and you will get your work done as quickly as it can be done. Every person's credit is different and the time it takes to clean up the credit is also different which is why we charge on a month to month basis. Some people will take a couple of months while other may take six month or even more. The end result is that you are still going to be able to have improved credit and better interest so unless you ruin your credit from the time we fix it and the time you apply for a loan you have no reason to lose your credit investment.


There are two sides to credit as well... YOU HAVE your bad credit and then you have your good credit, good credit is as important as bad credit.  WE work on both so that you understand how you can increase the good credit while we work on the bad credit.  This is a complete service no matter which program you choose, the differences in most of the programs are slight but some will feel more like one program than another depending on what is going on in their life. We give you the choice so you have all the control.  Read about the services and then choose which is right for your problems and then fill out the forms which will guide you through the whole process of starting this credit repair service now.



Fixing Bad Debts And Credit Reports Are All We DO

we feel if we can't do it then neither can anyone else.  WE have done our credit repair work since 1996 it's all we do we are geared up to do it day in and day out.The longer a company has been a company the better they are at what they do so after 15 years if we can't do something then we just can't believe anyone else can either. WE have the determination, the knowledge and the experience to handle most any credit problems.  WE do have have places you can view other peoples experience with us and you are welcome to view them. and other places we have not learned about. You may also call the BBB in our area which is located in Clearwater, FL.  One of our business links is with each location you simple search for Credit Clean to read about us.  WE list the BBB because it's a publicly held company of which we are NOT a member. WE would like to be but the yearly charges are very high for us and they have to take all complaints anyway no matter if we are a member or not.  You are welcome to check complaints there too.


WE are listed with Dun & Bradstreet under our corporation name of WebHead Ventures, Inc. and possibly our DBA of Credit Clean.  Florida corporations at also has our records for the corporation and our fictitious name of Credit Clean.  Anything you would want to see in a company to feel comfortable about using them can be found about Credit Clean. We have connected to Face Book by others and LinkIn.  So we hope that if you are going to allow a company to help you with your credit repair, or bankruptcy clean up and fix bad debts etc. that you will give us the chance to show you it can be done and it can be done right.  Giving comments about your paralegals work is very useful to us so please feel free to go to our page on our website even to list what you think of anything about our company.

Some tips on what you watch for when you search for a company ANY company. Make sure they have address, email and some sort of verification or security on their website and that you are not re-directed anywhere when you get to the website unless it's to a secure section which would be https instead of http.  If a website takes you from the name it gave when you searched for it and then ends up with a different name or anything else that looks suspicious we would advise leaving right away.  The only way and INTERNET company can display itself is by it's website and the website should be something that you feel comfortable with and confident that it is a real company.  WE have taken extra steps to help people feel relaxed and try to answer all of your questions as honestly and easily as possible.  Thank you for landing here we hope you will take a look into our website if only for knowledge.




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